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Do I follow fashion rules?

2013.03.01 Fri


Do I follow fashion rules? I make up my own, because I do what I want.

But, it's fashion...and fashion my rules are allowed to change. One rule I've always followed is that only skinny girls should wear skinny jeanshotel management school.

Noticed how I said should not can. This is because you can wear whatever the hell you want to. The big ticket, here, is that if I think something looks awful on

a demographic that I fall into (fat is obviously the example here), that I will not wear whatever it is. If I think I look awful, then there is no reason to doMoving company


Some other rules of mine include wearing skirts (and shorts) above my knees without something else also covering my legs, leggings as pants, and midriff-baring

clothing (also grouped here is bikinis)Pambassador.

The most unfortunate part about this, is that while I originally thought skinny jeans were hideous, they've grown on me. I think when worn correctly they can be

very cute, and they always come in really cute patterns. The pair that inspired this is actually a salmon/coral pair with white polka dots that is really cute

(the pair in the picture above - so cute!). I've decided that this year is going to be a year that I try out new styles, so I'm really tempted to buy a pair.

In my moment of question, I decided to look up pictures and give this some serious thought. As early as yesterday I was complaining about now narrow the

openings of the legs of my pants were. First off, I know that I will never look like the above model, period. I could be anorexic and weight 30 lbs under my

ideal weight, and still not look like that. Here are the other images I'm contemplating: